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Why Forage London?

I live and work in London; I assume you do too.
I try to get to the countryside as much as possible but it’s easier said than done. Our city has hundreds of green spaces, parks, nature reserves and common areas and despite the efforts of some, wild foods are thriving all around us.
A normal walk with me lasts two and a half to three hours and involves safely picking and eating various plants as we go along with other new foods and drinks to try (made from different wild foods I have previously picked, cooked, fermented, pickled etc). We’ll also touch on numerous related topics including, nutrition, medicine, herbalism, botany, cookery, horticulture and history.

The aim of Forage London is to explore the plants that are all around us and show what can and can’t be picked (not to gather armfuls of plants ripped from our local parks). I hope to encourage everyone to get out of the city more often and to become more aware of the current and historical uses of the amazing plants and trees that share our capital.

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