The Edible City: A Year of Wild Food
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I have spent the better part of four years ‘re-wilding’ my gut, my senses, my instincts and my knowledge to better serve me as I walked away from many commercial and intensively farmed sources of food. The greatest challenge I have faced is to attain a modest healthy number of calories from wild starches during [...]

John has very kindly invited me to contribute a guest blog. I am a fellow foraging guide who is based in Mid-Wales. Almost all of my forays are in the vast conifer plantations scattered along the Cambrian Mountains. I am lucky in that no one seems to want to restrict mushroom picking here. This is [...]

This month, some recipe ideas, an excerpt from my own book, The Edible City, and some beautiful hand drawn illustrations courtesy of the mega talented Gwen Burns.

As they say, “It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it”. So I guess the responsibility falls on me, again. After all, that booze won’t make its self will it? And that picnic table conveniently placed on the banks of a beautiful Hampshire trout river, will look pretty sad if I don’t cover [...]

If I were you, and obviously I’m not, I’d just watch this film about foraging and not bother to read any of the blog below. For anyone who was unfortunate enough to make it to the end of my last blog, here is the second half; the further rantings of an ego unchecked, the product [...]

OFFICIAL WARNING : Blogging is the most self indulgent and self serving pastime known to modern man. With this in mind I politely suggest that you  DO NOT READ ANY OF WHAT FOLLOWS  unless you have almost saintly tolerance of other people’s opinions and a small amount of time to waste. For anyone who’s new [...]

It’s late November and although all my organised forays are over for the season, there are still numerous edible species out there to hunt for. Alas this autumn has been as much about politics as it has about foraging, with The Forestry Commission in Hampshire announcing a full ban on picking and then doing something of [...]

I’m delighted to say that the publication date for my book is now set for September 8th and there will be two launch events, one for the press on September 13th and a less formal do at Stoke Newington Books (London N16) on September 29th. This second event is open to all but it’s invite only, [...]

Here’s an entry and a couple of the illustrations from my forthcoming book, The Edible City. It’s out in September but I thought the timing of this piece was  just about perfect to publish now, with some enormous stinging nettle leaves all over London at the moment. Simplicity itself, this is one of my most loved recipes [...]

Spring is a hectic time of year for a forager, nowhere more so than in the city; the natural world is erupting with lush green leaves and brightly coloured flowers, stunning blossoms adorn the trees and all manner of delicious edible delights leap out at me every time I leave the house. It’s almost too much [...]

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