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Spring is a hectic time of year for a forager, nowhere more so than in the city; the natural world is erupting with lush green leaves and brightly coloured flowers, stunning blossoms adorn the trees and all manner of delicious edible delights leap out at me every time I leave the house. It’s almost too much to cope with! So this month, I decided to make another short film, not in the park this time but in the grounds of The Castle Climbing Centre, round the corner from my house in Highbury. A converted Victorian waterworks that looks like a huge gothic castle and is set in beautiful, part wild garden, this really is a special and marvellous place, especially for a climbing obsessed forager. The film is about twenty minutes long, and like last time, features me, unrehearsed and unplanned, wandering about and talking about what I find and how to use it. I hope you enjoy it and sorry for the lo-fi production values ( actually I’m not sorry). Here’s the link…

And for those of you who are slightly more highbrow…Here’s a link to the talk I gave at the royal academy of arts…I’m sure everyone is too busy to listen to it all but it was an interesting discussion and I managed to subvert the debate and promote a few of the points that are fundamental to the idea of urban foraging. I also managed to have a dig at the press, mention the rift between Natural England and the foraging community and bring up a few other points too…the other speakers were very interesting but if you just want the foragey stuff my comments are spread out and I’m easy to recognise with a slightly nasal twang and a habit of rambling in a slightly nervous fashion.…/contemporary-urban-gardening



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