The Edible City: A Year of Wild Food
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NEW FOREST : Edible & Medicinal Mushroom Day. September 14th


The New Forest
11am Saturday
September 14th.




This event will be divided into 3 separate parts.

1. A 2-3 hour wild mushroom walk led by John Rensten, (Forage London founder and author of The Edible City). The season is only just beginning at this time of year, so it is unlikely that we will be gathering huge armfuls of edible mushrooms, we will however, be picking/identifying various edible/medicinal/poisonous species that we come across and collecting enough to do a bit of cooking with later on.

2. An indoor medicinal mushroom workshop led by Herbalist, Vicky Chown, author of The Handmade Apothecary, looking at various species, their common uses and different methods of preparation and ways to preserve fungi so as to extract their medicinal qualities.

3. Cooking and eating. Don’t expect anything fancy, depending on the venue (either a pub or local hall) we will be frying a few mushrooms, more to experience their different flavours than to fill our bellies.


Please be advised before booking, some of our mushroom forays may not be suitable for people with mobility difficulties so if in any doubt pleas email me in advance. In addition, please be aware that although the walking element of these events run for approximately 3 hours, that could easily turn out to be 4 hours instead, so I urge you not to book a posh lunch somewhere timed precisely to coincide with the end of the walk, give yourself plenty of leeway. 



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