The Edible City: A Year of Wild Food
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Foraging for a Fiver. LONDON NW3. September 28th. Fully Booked.


London NW3. 11am – 2pm
Saturday September 28th

Fully Booked



‘Thank you for such an interesting and enjoyable adventure. I can honestly say my horizons have been expanded.’ Robin Rubenstein

Just to be completely clear, this event is exactly the same as the usual 3-4 hour walk we offer for £40 but this is for people on a low income, income support, housing benefit etc. At the event you may be asked to provide proof of your income status as well as photo ID. Please don’t use this as an opportunity to get something for nothing (almost nothing anyway). I have set up this, and a series of other events, to give a learning opportunity to people who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Also please be advised, if you have received a gift voucher it is not valid for this event. That’s the end of the official sounding bit.

This will be a morning exploring the edible delights of one of North West London’s most interesting areas. The walk will be led by one of Forage London’s team of experienced foraging teachers and will last for about three hours, involving safely picking and eating various leaves, berries etc as we go along, with various new foods and drinks to try (made from different wild ingredients we’ve previously picked, cooked, fermented, pickled etc), learning to identifying plenty of edible plants and discussion touching on numerous topics including, nutrition, medicine, herbalism, botany, cookery, horticulture and history.

Group bookings via charitable/non-profit/community organisations are very welcome, either by booking through this page or contacting me directly at


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