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Fire, Water, Foraging & Fishing : A day of mushroom hunting and bushcraft skills in the New Forest. September 19th.


Saturday 19th
September. New Forest
10am – 6pm



This will be a fantastic day, exploring some of the fundamental principles of bushcraft including Water, Fire, Foraging and Fishing. The event will take place at our bushcraft basecamp, nestled between two lakes and hidden in a stunning woodland location on the boarders of the New Forest National Park, close to both Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst and easily accessible by train from London.

The whole day will be broken into four sessions/lessons, each 1.5hr long as well as two half hour brew breaks and an hour break for lunch, which will be a delicious 3 course seasonal foraged meal – bushcraft shouldn’t be only about subsistence! This meal will reflect the content of the course so you can be sure there will be plenty of mushrooms and fish on offer.

Fire (using fungi)
Being able to start a fire in the outdoors in every season/location/weather will provide you with valuable and possibly life saving skill. For most people it presents a real challenge to achieve a successful fire when the weather is not dry and sunny unless they employ the use of things like fire lighters. However, as with most things in bushcraft, there are often better and more accessible resources available to us in nature. In this lesson students will be taught how to find, collect, prepare and utilise different fungi that are suitable to make fire with. The second half of this activity is about getting a fire going and you will learn a few different ways of creating an ember, with different types of spark and fungi combinations as well as how to bring an ember to flame to ignite small amounts of second stage tinder, considerably adding to your fire making knowhow.

Water (sourcing and purification)
Students will harvest water from somewhere onsite and process it to make safe for consumption – culminating in enjoying a shared brew. Water will be collected, filtered and boiled and the different methods of sourcing water and making safe in the outdoors will be discussed. Obviously there are numerous approaches to this process so we will be looking at the ones most relevant to our location as well as briefly discussing other techniques.

Foraging (mushroom hunting)
This lesson will consist of a foraging walk covering the essentials of foraging for wild mushrooms while staying safe and being mindful of ecological considerations. Students will get to touch, taste and smell select species safely, as well as try some pre-prepared wild mushroom products. We may also look at trees and plants that are useful to know and can aid us in our finding the correct identification/locations of particular fungi.

Fishing (bushcraft techniques)
With fishing providing such a reliable method for sourcing animal protein in the wild, it is strange how often it is over looked within bushcraft teaching. This lesson will explore the ‘hobo’ fishing method, and will be taught along with static fishing methods (generally these are illegal in the UK and can only be considered in an survival situation). One of the most adaptable fishing techniques is fly fishing and in this lesson you will learn how to use the most basic of fly tackle to catch wild fish through the art of ‘Dapping’ – a method that can be employed through both active (rods and hand lines) and passive (nets and traps) fishing tactics.

What else do you need to know before booking?!

This will be a long day so we strongly suggest that you book somewhere to stay locally the night before if you are looking at a long journey to get to us (the 7.50am from Waterloo will get you to Southampton Central in just enough time to make the 10am meeting time).
Here is a friends mum’s BnB you might like to look at….

We will need to know if you have any special dietary requirements, also if you are on any medication or suspect you may be pregnant.

Please be advised before booking, some of our events may not be suitable for people with mobility difficulties so if in any doubt please email me in advance at In addition, please be aware that although these events run for specific set hours, we may run over, so I urge you not to book a posh lunch or dinner somewhere timed precisely to coincide with the end of the event, give yourself plenty of leeway. Lastly, please let us know at the time of booking if you have any specific dietary requirements.
If this event is fully booked and you’d like to go on the cancellations waiting list, please email me at