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spring salads

I'm delighted to say that the publication date for my book is now set for September 8th and there will be two launch events, one for the press on September 13th and a less formal do at Stoke Newington Books (London N16) on September 29th. This second event is open to all but it's invite only, […] Read More

Spring is a hectic time of year for a forager, nowhere more so than in the city; the natural world is erupting with lush green leaves and brightly coloured flowers, stunning blossoms adorn the trees and all manner of delicious edible delights leap out at me every time I leave the house. It's almost too much […] Read More

I've said it before but foraging is easy, it really is, and anyone who tells you otherwise is not to be trusted. My approach hinges on taking the tinniest bit of knowledge and putting it to myriad uses; simply being able to identify a Dandelion will provide numerous, all year round, foraging opportunities and produce […] Read More

5 wonderful wild Spring recipes.

OK, I admit it. I do have a tendency to go on a bit, especially about wild food, foraging and all things connected. So, for this month I'm going to shut up and just give you some delicious new recipes to try, either created by me or generously donated by foraging friends. Actually when I […] Read More

I live in Highbury in North London, really very close to Arsenal's massive Emirates Stadium, I am not, however, much of a football fan. Fortunately, if I walk just three minutes in the exact opposite direction, I come to Clissold Park in Stoke Newington. During my recovery from back surgery seven years ago, I used […] Read More

Can I eat it? Will it harm me? These are the two basic questions the forager needs to answer when looking at any potentially edible plant. Once we decide to view the wild herbs, trees, mushrooms, seaweed and seafood of this country as a possible source of food, we enter a world, not only brimming […] Read More

Spring Time! In November?

The Weather.....there's not much we like better in the UK than to bang on about the weather, how it's too warm, too cold, too wet or too dry, how we are shocked that there is so much rain in June (hardly a revelation to anyone who's ever been to Glastonbury) and never any snow in […] Read More

Wild Food Is Super Food.

What is a super food anyway? It's one of those popular terms that gets over used by companies trying to sell "healthy " foods and with the mass food industry having wandered so far from the path these days, the idea of food being good for you is actually a selling point, rather than a […] Read More

Why I love Victoria Park.

It's the start of March and I have just been for a stroll around Victoria Park. I like to pretend that what I do is work so I decided this was some very early preparation for the walk I'm running there in May. According to the council's website, it was the first East End park to be […] Read More