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riverside foraging

I'm delighted to say that the publication date for my book is now set for September 8th and there will be two launch events, one for the press on September 13th and a less formal do at Stoke Newington Books (London N16) on September 29th. This second event is open to all but it's invite only, […] Read More

For this month's blog, I have gathered together some brilliant and original wild food ideas... from Scottish foraged sushi to a Southern Indian "nightshade" curry, with recipes generously provided by my foraging peers from as close to home as Hampshire's New Forest and as far away as New York State. That's one of the best things […] Read More

I used to be a photographer (actually sometimes I still am). One thing I learnt from this profession is that you never get the best shot if you just stand there and hope it comes to you. You have to move around, look for the best angles and most importantly go where the action is. […] Read More