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I'm delighted to say that the publication date for my book is now set for September 8th and there will be two launch events, one for the press on September 13th and a less formal do at Stoke Newington Books (London N16) on September 29th. This second event is open to all but it's invite only, […] Read More

Can I eat it? Will it harm me? These are the two basic questions the forager needs to answer when looking at any potentially edible plant. Once we decide to view the wild herbs, trees, mushrooms, seaweed and seafood of this country as a possible source of food, we enter a world, not only brimming […] Read More

Winter health & happiness.

It's all my fault and I'm genuinely sorry....In my last blog I wrote about how warm it was, like Spring Time in November I said, and almost the second I published my monthly ramblings, the weather turned and the forecasters announced that we are looking at the worst winter since Woolly Mammoths where a common […] Read More

My foraging heroes.

Last month my season of London based walks finally kicked off. It's been a long time coming and has been far more complicated than I ever imagined with park managers, ecology officers and local councils to convince; risk assessments, insurance schedules and safety management plans to write and  an enormous amount of time finding the right […] Read More

The snow has gone and if your happy to brave a bit of cold, wet weather there are plenty of amazing winter greens out there just begging to be picked (see my January posting for many of these). Having said that, I have wanted to write about a few of my favorite foraging books for while […] Read More

Foraging; It's not all about wandering through summer meadows in your Cath Kidston whellies, basket on arm and the sun high in the sky. At this time of year the best food to be found is down by the sea and for me this is the perfect reason to escape the city and go hunting […] Read More