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coastal foraging

  It's more commonly a plant, a recipe or some historical information that inspires me in the kitchen...In this case it was quite simply the packaging, not that I can exactly remember where this plastic tray came from or what was in it to start with. Last month I wrote about my trip to Scotland, […] Read More

Would you like an all expenses paid trip to a beautiful and remote Scottish island, to forage, cook and generally just hanging out as the guest of a whisky distillery? Oh, and there will be a group of like-minded people, foragers, chefs and booze people with you, you'll have to spend your time visiting some […] Read More

In the Spring I published an article about how to learn fifty wild plants in just ten minutes (all the wild UK members of The Mint Family). To continue on a similar theme, this month I have chosen another huge group of plants, many of which are part of our conventional food chain and plenty […] Read More

Do you visit the coast? Do you stare at the sea and breath in its fabulous aroma? Do you come away from a day on the beach with that wonderful, weary, "too much fresh air" feeling?.........You should; we all should, especially those of us who live in cities, and as for Londoners, it should be […] Read More

Foraging; It's not all about wandering through summer meadows in your Cath Kidston whellies, basket on arm and the sun high in the sky. At this time of year the best food to be found is down by the sea and for me this is the perfect reason to escape the city and go hunting […] Read More